About ArtEx

ArtEx is an interdisciplinary talent developing programme which is to help top-level artists to further develop themselves artistically and build an interesting and sustainable career. Through the programme you will become part of an extensive national and international network, and you will get to take part in interdisciplinary professional gatherings under the auspices of Talent Norge. A support network will be available to you throughout the duration of the programme, consisting of a mentor, a coach and a place on Olympiatoppen’s health service. You will also get an individual scholarship that is to be used for professional development in consultation with your mentor. 


Who can apply for ArtEx?

ArtEx is a program for dedicated candidates who have shown great artistic talent within their field and who are on the threshold of a national or international career.

  • Applicants must be Norwegian citizens or have a connection to Norway i.e by working in Norway / having permanent residency in Norway, or being affiliated with a Norwegian educational institution.
  • Through our task to establish Talent Norden, we also welcome Nordic applicants or applicants with a Nordic connection, i. e. who have permanent residency or are affiliated with a Nordic educational institution.
  • The program must compatible with your studies and / or work.


About ArtEx 2023

  • The participants are admitted to the program for one year.
  • The program starts on the 1st of June 2023.
  • Questions regarding the application and selection process are to be sent to program leader Eira Edwards, eira@talentnorge.no
  • Talent Norge is not subject to the Public Administration Act. This means that it is not possible to appeal Talent Norges decision if you are not selected for the program.


The application deadline is 1st of April.

Read more about the application process and Apply for ArtEx here.