Mariam Gviniashvili - Composer

05.02.2023 / "Don't wait for things to happen. Make them happen!"

Age: 33

Residence: Oslo

Art field: Electroacoustic music and visual arts 


How long have you been in your field of art?

Music came into my life at a very early age, which I consider very fortunate. I started as a singer, then played the piano for about 10 years, and later became interested in composing.

For as long as I can remember, music has been an important part of my life, not just something I do for a living, but something I live for.


How did it start?

I work mainly with electroacoustic music. My interest in this genre began when I heard "Imago" by Trevor Wishart, which blew me away. It was the first piece of electronic music I ever heard, and it opened up a new world for me to belong to.


What do you want to achieve with your art?

I feel like I want to accomplish something different with each work. I want to create something that the audience can identify with, something they remember and want to come back to later. 


What do you like best about the program you have been a part of?

Nowadays, to be successful in the art field, an artist is expected to be well versed in networking, PR, management, accounting, etc. These are skills you acquire over time, but sometimes it takes more time than you can afford. Apart from the support we receive to create a large-scale work, the KUPP brings together professionals from all the above mentioned fields with whom we can work with very efficiently, ask questions, discuss specific projects and problems and find solutions to them. This is a very valuable experience for me, for which I am grateful. 


What inspires you?

Personal experiences, global events, new technologies, but above all works of art - old and new, despite genre and age.


How do you motivate yourself?

To be a composer in today's world and be able to make a living from your work is a luxury. This is something that keeps running through my mind, and at the same time it is the greatest motivation. 


What does a typical working day look like for you?

My typical day starts with coffee on the balcony, weather permitting. I spend most of the day composing, listening to music, reading, etc. Of course, there is also a lot of administrative work to do. In between, I cook, which is a lot of fun!


What is your best art experience?

There are many challenging projects, concerts and performances that I have done and am really proud of, but I think the best experience is yet to come.


Who is your artistic role model?

There are many artists whose work I follow, but I also regularly try to discover new names in the field. So there is not one name that I could give as an answer.


How would you describe talent?

Talent is something we are all born with, and there are many areas in which each of us is talented without knowing it. Talent must be discovered, and once discovered, it must be taken care of and given a chance to develop. 


What does it mean to you to be part of KUPP?

This means that I am privileged to have been chosen from many very inspiring, talented young artists, that I have been given great opportunities in this project, and that I have the responsibility to use them wisely.


What has it meant to you to be part of Talent Norway's network?

Before the KUPP, I did not know much about Music Norway. After several meetings with representatives of the organisation, where I learned more about the long list of artists they work with, as well as their programmes and projects, carefully designed to ensure that we are present in the local and international scene, I think that being part of this network will also play an important role in my career. 


What are you up to these days?

I am currently working on two new works, one of which will premiere in Copenhagen in February 2022, and another, a collaborative project with a fantastic group of German artists, will be presented in Vienna in May 2022. I am also currently planning my KUPP project, an audiovisual piece for multichannel electronics and multiscreen visuals. 


What would you say to young talents who want to develop in your field of art?

Don't wait for things to happen. Make them happen!

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Julie Røssland har signert med Askonas Holt Lies Askonas Fellowship Program

Julie Røssland har signert med Askonas Holt Lies Askonas Fellowship Program

Julie Røssland har signert med Askonas Holt Lies Askonas Fellowship Program