About the Conductors programme - Dirigentløftet

The Conductors programme is a long-term commitment to strengthen Norway’s national level of conductors.

This programme shall contribute to mobilize the entire music-life from volunteers and music-schools, high schools and universities, armature orchestras to all the professional Norwegian Symphony Orchestras.

The programme itself commits on many levels, ranging from the grassroot level to the highest national and international level. Alongside all existing educational structures, this programme shall make the ground base to raise competence on Norwegian conductors, nationally and internationally.

The entire Norwegian music life is invited to this historical commitment where the main goal is to raise competence, profile and career-possibilities for conductors in Norway. It aims to create good structures for long-term development of talented conductors.

The Conductors programme is initiated, owned and managed by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Talent Norway.